Injury, Amputation

The spectrum of hand injuries may be confined to just avulsion of the nail to crushing of the finger and amputation of the finger and hand.


One or more bones of the hand and the wrist may fracture due to a fall, road accident, industrial accident or assault. They may require plaster or surgical fixation

Pain, Arthritis

The location of pain, the severity of pain and the duration of pain help in approaching the disease and making a working differential diagnosis

Tingling in Hand

This is one of the most common symptoms, where the hand or only some of the fingers become numb. There are various causes

Congenital, Birth Deformity

The new born has hand which the nature has given differently. The fingers may be fused into one or may be very small in size...

Contracture, Deformity

Deformity may follow an injury, affecting fingers, wrist, elbow, joints. The deformity may affect any age...


The patient presents with inability to move the fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder or the whole extremity. There may be clumsiness...

Neglected Trauma of Hand

Initial management of hand injury may be sub optimal leading to deformity, pain, stiffness and loss of function...

Nerve Diseases

The location, severity and the duration of pain help in approaching the disease and making a working differential diagnosis.

Tumor and Swelling

Any lump can be in close vicinity of the nerve or within it. Preoperative assessment will help to ascertain its location.

Spastic Condition

It may be immediately after birth, Or later in the life after head injury, Or an episode of stroke. The patient typically presents...

Blue Finger, Raynaud's Disease

One or more fingers may turn blue due to a cause which may at times be identifiable several tests may be required to identify...

Leg Reconstruction

Patient sustained a major injury to his foot and the heel. The primary opinion was for an amputation. We covered the heel with a flap.

Diabetic Foot

Diabetic nerves are swollen. They get trapped at known areas of anatomical narrowing. Entrapment leads to nerve