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Spastic Condition

What is Spastic Condition?

Spastic condition may follow some kind of damage to the brain. It may be immediately after birth, Or later in the life after head injury, Or An episode of stroke. The patient typically presents with a tightness of a specific group of muscles.

In a very typical scenario, the posture of the affected upper extremity is:

  • The elbow is slightly flexed.
  • Internally rotated.
  • Wrist is flexed.
  • Fingers are flexed in to a fist. The thumb is in palm.
  • A part of the thumb is bent backward(Hyperextension at Metacarpo-phalangeal joint).
 Dr Pankaj Jindal Hand Surgery  Dr Pankaj Jindal Hand Surgery


The pain is due to the radial nerve getting trapped under the edge of an obliquely directed supinator muscle. The pain restricts day to day activity. The X-Rays and MRI are not helpful.

Age of surgery is optimum suggested ,around 6 years when the patient starts to understand instructions.

  • Physiotherapy to prevent permanent stiffness is the mainstay of treatment.
  • This is supplemented with certain medicines which may be taken as tablet or injections into the affected muscles.
  • The last is surgically. It is the most effective method to correct majority of deformity.
  • Multiple surgical procedures can be undertaken in one sitting to correct most of these deformities and provide better hand usage.

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