Reconstruction Surgery

When the aim is distinct, the means are available! With faster moving vehicular traffic, comes the unfortunate more severe road accidents. Modern day road accidents differ from accidents of yesteryears where people fall from a much slower moving bicycle. These are called as high velocity injuries.

A s a result, the in juries are far more serious. The skin is ripped off, bones are not broken but shattered and many times lost too. The tendons which move a joint are lost. The blood supply which carry the life is ruptured. The nerves which connect all these structures to the brain are injured too. The accident will cause various permutation and combination of these injuries. It is encouraging to note that the nerves can be repaired and the blood supply can be restored. The tendons can be reconstructed where needed.

Similarly, the shattered bone can be aligned and reconstructed. The skin which is the shield and savior to all these internal structures can be repaired and restored.

When the aim is distinct, the means are available! All these structures, namely, the bone, the skin, the nerve, the tendon can be reconstructed in one or more stages over a period of time. The skin cover is carried out by skin grafting or a flap surgery.  The surgeon assesses the wound and decides between these options based on the location of the wound and the status of the local condition of the wound. The tendon, nerve and the blood supply are repaired or transferred from another location for better usage. The bone is similarly shifted from another location to a region of scarcity. With patience , gratifying result is possible in a large number of patients !

The Leg reconstruction of the leg or foot is a surgical technique that can help to restore function after lesions, injuries or other wounds to the extremities.

The thumb joint at the base of the thumb is the most mobile in the hand. It can move up and down, in and out, and rotate slightly to touch the fingers.


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