Recognized Hand Surgeon in India.

    1. International training at most prestigious centers in the USA & Europe during 1987-1990.
      • a) Fellowship in Hand Surgery in Nancy France.
      • b) Fellowship in Hand Surgery and Research, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
      • c) Fellowship in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery, Kleinert hand surgery institute, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
    2. First Indian to have completed Kleinert Hand Surgery fellowship at Louisville in the USA.
    3. Formally trained hand surgeon. Since 1991 !!… Experience counts!!
    4. Over 30,000+ surgery to take credit… And still counting.
    5. Largest number of replantation in western India.
    6. Many firsts to take credit!!
    7. Largest number of reconstruction!!
    8. Large number of injured legs and Diabetic feet saved!!

Scope of Treatment

Injury, Amputation

The spectrum of hand injuries may be confined to just avulsion of the nail to crushing of the finger and amputation of the finger and hand.


One or more bones of the hand and the wrist may fracture due to a fall, road accident, industrial accident or assault.

Pain, Arthritis

The location of pain, the severity of pain, and the duration of pain help in approaching the disease and making a diagnosis.

Tingling (झुनझुनी) in Hand

Tingling and numbness are very common. Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Thoracic outlet syndrome, present this way.

Congenital/Birth Deformity

The newborn child may have a hand deformity. The thumb may be poorly develop, floating, or may be absent. The finger may be joined together. They may be big, small, floating, curved, or absent.

Contracture, Deformity

Deformity may follow an injury, affecting fingers, wrist, elbow, joints. The deformity may affect any age. This infant sustained burn contractures with grotesque deformity.

Our Happy Patients

Dhanraj GholweDhanraj Gholwe
16:52 16 Nov 21
We have not seen God in this life, but we have seen and met God in the form of these doctors.There are very smart and experienced doctors.My salute to his activist.I consider them my God...
sagar psagar p
13:56 07 Nov 21
the best best doctor for hand surgery. very down to earth doctor but best in his skills. had operated my sister forearm damaged in accident. after consulting many hand surgeons from various hospital in pune no one was confident enough to operate due to complexity but doctor pankaj jindal opereated her hand and result was very good he also increased length of forearm which was shortened in emergency operation in ruby hall after on day of accident .
Poonam ChopraPoonam Chopra
19:09 26 Sep 21
He is the best doctor that i know.He diagonses the problem correctly and gives you the best advice.He is a brillant surgeon.So many doctors i have visited in my life and nobody said any improvemnt can be made in my hand.He is the only one who gave me hope and did exactly what he said.I have the deepest respect and gratitute for him....Thank you so much.
Himanshu SahuHimanshu Sahu
08:29 19 Sep 21
Best dr. I have ever seen in my life , i thinks there is a magic in his hands , my jiju had prblm in his finger from a year , and he cured it with a surgery , i am from kanpur and i visited Maharashtra only for him
16:48 21 Jan 21
If I could give 5000 stars,I would..!!!.We meet Dr. Pankaj Jindal Sir 16 years back.I am a Physical challenge.I have four fingers to my left hand (excluding thumb). In the year 2004 we consulted Dr. Pankaj Jindal Sir for suggestion.His suggestion was we will his Index finger as a thumb which will help him and get strength/ grip to work,to hold,to drive etc.He also explained use that how is he going to carry out the surgery. Listening to the surgery it was a challenging work (according to use).But we trusted on Dr. Pankaj Jindal Sir and the date was fixed . Surgery was critical and it took 6 hours.After 45 days healing got recovered and my hand fingers and my new thumb started bending & working. Dr. Pankaj Jindal Sir far vision for me and towards my hand is helping me in my day to day life. With no worries. Now I can drive car, bike and I am Self reliable. Dr. Pankaj Jindal is a amongst the Topmost Expert's and professional. Dr.Pankaj Jindal Sir has a devotion in his work which helps patients to gain confidence. His transparency in communication with patients/relative gives clear picture of the condition and his plan of action.His experience and politeness is the key for success.Me and my family thank him from the bottom of my heart. A SUPER HERO in today's world.Thanks A Lot Sir...!!!🙏🙏🙏