Life changing surgery.

Sharada, a 13yr girl from rural Maharashtra, underwent a surgery for her hand deformity which followed burn at the age of 3 years. With the thumb glued to the palm , she could do nothing with her right hand for over 10 years.  She became left-handed.

 With restricted finances, ignorance of the possibilities of reconstructive surgery this bright daughter of a laborer did not know where to go. How, when, where, will it work, cost were all the question that were in the mind of the father. This ordeal is faced by majority of rural folks. This story is repeated in every camp we have participated in last 25+ years in rural and remote parts India. Each camp   has a dedicated team of senior and experienced surgeons and anesthetist and organized at a well-equipped hospital with all required facilities

A  determined girl who had not opened her fist for last 10 years, is practicing to write now following a successful surgery by Dr. Pankaj Jindal, hand surgeon   from Pune with an experience of 31 years in hand reconstruction and a fellowship training from USA.

A dynamic device was custom made to painlessly open up  the frozen joints of the thumb by Dr. Jindal.

Her determination to get back to normalcy is visible with a stark improvement in her right hand writing in flat one week! She will become ambidextrous!

 Supervision is continuing with video thrice a week.

Finances is not a constraint. All is taken care of. God is kind. Philanthropists  from Agrawal Charitable trust, Pune or Rotary clubs have participated in this selfless task for decades. These camps have been held in Chalisgaon ,Jalgaon, Shahada , Waduj, Shirur to name a few.

 News report state, lakhs of people get burnt every year .  After Swachh Bharat, can  Deformity- correction- in- rural -India be the next buzz word for the next mission by the government ?

This deformity correction  is  more functional restoration ,  cosmetic  correction  is an icing.

The burn deformity is more prevalent in rural India than the cities .