Hand Trauma – Case Study

Initial management of hand injury may be sub optimal leading to deformity, pain, stiffness and loss of function. The aim of treatment is to restore function, correct deformity, and eliminate pain if any. This involves surgery of skin, nerves, tendons or bones or all of them.

This gentleman fell from the tree breaking his forearm bones and having a large wound near the wrist joint. He was primarily treated in a free hospital, the wound healed and the fractures united. Unfortunately, there was no finger movements. At this point, the patient came to us with his friends. Staged surgery was carried out.

In the first stage the scarred skin of the forearm was removed and replaced with a healthy skin from the arm by a procedure called as lateral arm free micro-vascular flap.
In the next stage, a procedure called tendon transfer was done. This restored his full finger movements. Now he is gainfully employed and own his house and several properties.

What a transformation! From jobless to gainful employment.

Thanks to surgical technology, understanding of the problem and effective execution of the technique.