Hand Restoration through Repair, Restoration and Reconstruction and Microsurgery

The finger or the hand may get injured in the kitchen, in a doorway, on the road, due to an assault, or even in an industrial setup.  Injuries can often lead to deformity, stiffness , pain  and infection  of your hand.. If the wound gets dirty, the contamination can also lead to complications. Sometimes, the tendon which supports finger movement, the nerves which supply sensation, or even the bone might get damaged. The procedures to fix these issues tend to be complex, sometimes requiring the use of microscopes and fine needles barely visible to the naked eye. There may be a requirement to fix bones using wires or plates, or to replace skin. In such cases, a good hand surgery is the only way to return the hand to normal.

Hand Restoration through Repair, Restoration and Reconstruction and Microsurgery
Stiff hand with absolutely no movement of the fingers due to previous accident. This gentle man after surgery is not only gainfully employed but is a master craftsman.

Hand Reconstruction

If a patient seeks help for his injured hand from a hand specialist very late, several issues need consideration for optimum hand restoration. The injured hand will be stiff and deformed, and may even contain infections from the previous injuries. The tendons and the nerves in the hand may be injured and nonfunctional too, since they are elastic structures and tend to get retracted over time.

Treating such an issue would generally require a surgery over several stages. The scarred skin has to be replaced with a more soft and supple skin. The stiff joint is surgically treated and excessive abnormally shrunken structures are removed in order to make it more mobile. The nerves are reconnected  for return  of sensation. The tendons are restored by transferring normal but replaceable ones in their place. Finally, the joints are mobilised , which will help restore their functionality and prevent a recurrence of the deformities. This last stage is the phase of rehabilitation, and is very important for the procedure to stay successful.

Microsurgery for Nerve & Blood Vessel Reconstruction

Sometimes, a hand injury will also result in injuries to the tiny blood vessels in your hands and wrists. Small blood vessels and nerves are very  fine structures, often smaller than even 1 mm in diameter, and barely visible to the naked eye. If they require repair, it needs to be of the highest accuracy. Such reconstruction surgeries require a microscope, and threads and needles that are often finer than human hair, measurable in microns. The instruments required for such a procedure are also different to those that would generally be required for regular surgical procedures.

Fine blood vessels need to be restored under a microscope with a 100% accuracy to fully restore circulation. Similarly, nerves connect to your brain, and will require a 100% precise and accurate reconstruction under a microscope in order to restore sensation and regain muscle power.


Reconstruction surgeries involve the treatment of a wide variety of structures like bones, nerves, arteries, and veins, and thus require highly skilled surgeons who have undergone formal training. If you are looking for the best hand surgeon in India, look no further than Dr. Pankaj Jindal, who has had the privilege to complete a fellowship at Kleinert institute, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA  in 1989, and can provide the best treatment you need.