Causes and Treatment of Deformity in Hands

A deformity of the hand may have several varied reasons. The deformity occurs due to affection of the skin, tendon, bone and joint or all of them. It may follow an accident or an injury. It may also follow certain illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, collagen disorder, or some kind of viral disease. It may occur after a prolonged period of inactivity of a joint, and is sometimes seen in a person who has just recovered after a prolonged period of unconsciousness. At times, the deformity involved may be congenital, meaning it has been present since birth.

Causes and Treatment of Deformity in Hands


The symptoms will differ based on the one or more structures involved in causation of the deformity. The hand will always be visibly different than normal.  The fingers or the hand will show signs of obvious deformity, and may show considerably restricted movement, They might be curved abnormally in any direction, or the fingers may even be joined with their adjacent fingers. At times, your thumb or fingers maybe absent, which will lead to restriction in gripping objects, and other activities of daily hand usage. The hands, fingers, or joints may be grossly swollen. Illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis can destroy the cartilage linings and stretch the ligaments in the joints, which could lead to a severe hand and finger deformity as well.


The diagnostic procedures of deformities of the hand or fingers begins with a clinical examination, and is usually supported with a few investigations. He will assess the skin , the fascia, the nerves,  tendons and joints . Your hand care specialist will ask you about your previous history of injuries and any other illnesses, which will further support the making of their diagnosis. The doctor will examine individual fingers to assess their power and sensation. He will then individually assess the mobility of the joints in and around the region of deformity. He will also assess whether or not you are able to make a fist, and how mobile your thumb is.


The deformity may be due to involvement of the skin, fascia, tendon, bones or joints or all of them. The tailor- made treatment you receive will depend on the kind of diagnosis made after the examination. It will involve mobilizing the stiff joints and restoring power to the fingers in case they are paralyzed or otherwise inactive. The sensation in these fingers may have diminished, which means the nerves will have to be treated to address the issue. This will require a surgery, which might be done in one or more sittings. It might involve non-surgical and surgical correction of the deformity. All the involved structures will need attention either together or in stages.

The surgical procedure in the hand is complex, and the hand surgeon will address the problems with the skin, tendons, nerves, and joints in order to reanimate the hand and restore normalcy to it.

Whatever the surgical procedures involved, appropriate after-care is absolutely essential. The doctor might also recommend physical therapy or certain specific hand exercises for your hand to restore strength.


There are varied causes that might lead to hand deformities. However, after consultation, diagnosis, and treatment with the hand surgeon, the hand can be restored a majority of times. For the best treatment of any kind of hand and finger deformity in Pune, Dr. Pankaj Jindal will help you.