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Best Hand Surgeon in Pune, India. Hand Surgery Since 1991

Dr. Pankaj Jindal has done his Master of Surgery in Orthopaedics and has done multiple fellowships, few of them are:

  • Fellowship in Hand Surgery in Nancy, France.
  • Fellowship in Hand Surgery and Research, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
  • Fellowship in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

30,000 Plus Hand Surgeries

Performed 30,000+ surgeries for injured and disabled hands.
Performed over 50 re-implantations of totally severed amputated hands, one of the highest series in India.

Scope of Treatment

  • Injury, Amputation
  • Fracture
  • Arthritis, Pain
  • Tingling in hand
  • Congenital, Birth disorder
  • Contracture, Deformity
  • Paralysis
  • Neglected trauma in hand
  • Nerve diseases
  • Tumor & Swelling
  • Spastic condition
  • Thumb reconstruction
  • Leg reconstruction
  • Diabetic foot

India's Best Hand Surgeon Microvascular Hand Surgery

Best Hand Surgeon in Pune, Advanced Microvascular Hand Surgery in Pune, India.

Dr. Pankaj Jindal, Hand Surgeon in Pune, India

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